How to get Through Detours in Life

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Little Moments

I was feeling a little down and in need of some positive energy and advice so I turned to one of my favourite vloggers (not sure if she is one?) – Marie Forleo.  I watched this clip on ‘Feeling Behind in Life’ which is EXACTLY how I was feeling yesterday.

You see, I took a detour and while I try to enjoy the journey – I have been finding it difficult lately.  Especially because I’m now stuck in my detour and kind of bored of it and want to move onto the next destination.  It’s like I’ve been driving on this road and taken a few turns here and there but generally, I have always gotten to where I wanted to go.  And then five years ago, I took a detour and stopped at a beach town and have been enjoying my life there – but now I’m bored of it and want to find something else.  Maybe another beach town or a busier city… but just something new and challenging.

But then I watched this video and Marie reminded me to:

– ‘Adore my detours’

– to remind myself that ‘Where you are is exactly where you need to be.  Trust the timing of your life.’

– And my favourite – ‘Comparison is the burglar of happiness’ because I was a little guilty of that too. 

So thanks Marie Forleo for another uplifting video to make me feel more positive about my situation.  It’s honestly not that bad and maybe it’s where I’m meant to be?

So here are some ways I’m going to make myself feel better about my detour:

          Enjoy the moment.  Because there is a high chance that once I am in a new role, I will really miss everything about my current role.

          Stop checking LinkedIn for former colleagues and their new job titles.

          Be happy with the detour I have taken and all the life lessons I have learned along the way.

          Find some new hobbies outside of work to keep life interesting. 

Have you ever felt like you were behind in life? How did you manage? 

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