Lazy Weekend Breakfasts at Home

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Little Moments

Is there anything better than a lazy breakfast on the weekend? My boyfriend and I usually go out on the weekends to a local café and indulge in eggs, avocado, toast and tea – all made and served by someone else.  It’s lovely and delicious but you do have to get dressed, get in the car, find a parking spot in the busy Sydney streets and walk to your breakfast which isn’t as relaxing as lazing around in your PJs at home.

So occasionally, I enjoy eating my weekend breakfast at home (usually when my boyfriend goes to play golf early in the a.m.).  I enjoy waking up lazily at my own time instead of being shocked awake by a loud alarm.  I love the feeling of lying in bed knowing that I don’t have to be anywhere at all.  I drink a tall glass of water, meditate for 20 minutes and then pad out into the kitchen in my pajamas and hair in a messy top knot.  I pop the kettle on and make myself some tea.  I usually scramble some eggs in olive oil butter and drizzle some Tabasco sauce and pop it on top of rye toast.  I drink my tea and eat my delicious breakfast while reading a magazine, book or blog posts.  After I finish my breakfast, I often make a second cup of tea and enjoy quietly reading in the morning sun in my pajamas.  It’s the best way to start the weekend – lazy, quiet and relaxing.

This picture that I found on Pinterest years ago sums up my perfect weekend breakfast.  If you know who drew this, please let me know so I can credit them and write them a note to tell them how much I love it!

Do you love lazy breakfasts at home on the weekend too?

Image via Pinterest.


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