Life Lately #4

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Little Moments

I’m lying on my couch with my laptop propped up and a cup of ‘Relax’ Pukka tea feeling energized with all the endorphins from a great gym session.  I jog/walked for 25 minutes and did a circuit for about 15 minutes and walked out feeling great.  I also just meal prepped for the week and am feeling organized! But I think it’s really the endorphins that is helping me to feel good.

Reflecting on a great week gone by…


  • I had my pole performance last week which was fun and went well! It’s always a good laugh and fun to dance with the other girls.
  • I also jog/walked 5.6km for a run organized by work as a tribute to a great colleague who sadly passed away last month.  I felt great afterwards and want to get into running in the fresh open air!
  • I finished my last presentation for the year and treated myself to a manicure.  Work ramped up the next day though – but it’s ok, you have to celebrate the small wins right?


  • My boyfriend and I treated ourselves to some delicious Japanese food on Thursday night.
  • We also had a delicious brunch today at one of my favourite haunts.  Eggs inside toast (you know where they cut a hole in the bread and pour the egg in and cook it together?) with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and chutney.  It was delicious!
  • One of my lovely girlfriends and I caught up for lunch at a trendy little café that served surprisingly delicious food.  I had lots of salads.
  • My work team and I also caught up for lunch this week at a local bar.  I had a Thai stir fry with jasmine rice which was tasty but did make me feel a little sick afterwards….

Looking back, it was a good food week for me!

Overall I’m trying to eat less meat because I find it hard to practice loving kindness meditation otherwise.  But then again, I have to practice loving kindness towards myself and therefore sometimes have to eat meat to get my iron intake.  So I usually eat vego for breakfast and lunch and eat meat for dinner with my boyfriend.

Drink: My ‘Relax’ Pukka tea is pretty delicious although a tad expensive!

Watch: I have just started watching ‘Victoria’ on Netflix which is pretty good, I must say. I loved the move ‘The Young Victoria’, so I’m hoping it will be just as good with more details spread out over the 8 episodes that are an a hour long! My boyfriend and I also watched Allied which was released last year.  It was pretty good, even though it doesn’t have a happy ending.  It wasn’t my usual style of movie but it had me hooked from beginning to end and talking about it today as well.

Read: I finished Congo Dawn’ by Katherine Scholes last Sunday.  It was good although I felt it dragged out a little bit. But perhaps I just didn’t enjoy the military/war parts.  It was a beautiful story though and I highly recommend it, especially if you like Africa like me! I haven’t started reading much else since.  I downloaded 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris onto my Kindle yesterday and enjoyed the first few pages, but not sure how it will go.  I also read my Women’s Fitness magazine which was delivered to my post box on Tuesday night after my major presentation which was a lovely little surprise.

How was your week? Hope you have been well!

Happy Sunday and have a great week ahead!

PS I took this photo years ago when I went to a PR agency to see the DeLonghi machine! I don’t drink coffee but I like the photo…

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