Random Acts of Kindness

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Little Moments

It was an unusually cold and rainy Saturday in Sydney today.  I was already feeling cold and miserable as I walked towards lunch – even though it was to meet with a lovely friend – and I thought I had to stay positive because I was in one of Sydney’s snobbiest neighbourhoods.

But I was surprised today with a few random acts of kindness that were thrown my way.

  • On my way to lunch, I got stuck on a main road with two lanes that went in completely different directions.  I happened to be in the wrong lane which was going the complete opposite direction to the way I wanted to go.  So I stopped my car and indicated to switch lanes and prayed that the person next to me would let me through without much fuss or drama from any of the other cars around me.  And they did.  Miraculously.  I was so grateful.


  • The waitress at the hip and trendy cafes was friendly and attentive.  She suggested dishes and came back to see us many times during our meal.


  • I did some grocery shopping afterwards at the local supermarket where the aisles were very narrow.  As people walked past me, I tried to make myself small and move out of the way.  Usually the other person doesn’t notice and keeps walking.  But today, people noticed and either moved out of the way for me or smiled and nodded thank you.


  • I wandered into a chicken and chip shop to pick up lunch for my boyfriend.  There was a long queue of people and I noticed a ticket system but couldn’t see where to get the tickets.  I must have been looking lost so two gentleman in suits stopped their conversation and looked at me.  I asked them how it works, and they told me where to get the ticket from.


  • The tickets were available from a dispenser behind a girl.  She heard that I needed one and immediately turned around, pulled out a ticket and handed it to me.  I was so shocked, I could barely mumble thank you and smile before walking to the back of the queue!


  • As I was walking back to my car with 3 heavy bags of groceries and takeaway, I stopped at a zebra crossing and looked to see if anyone would let me walk across the road.  To my surprise, a lady in a land rover stopped for me and smiled back when I nodded to say thank you as I walked across the road in the drizzling rain.

I don’t know whether it was my friendly and positive vibes that brought friendly vibes my way or whether I had completely misjudged this snobby part of town.  All I know is I am grateful for all the kindness that came my way today. I really am.  Today is one of those days that my faith in other humans was restored.


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