7 Easy Ways to Feel Better After a Bad Day

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Healthy Living / Little Moments

Knowing how to pick myself up after a bad day was important when I was living abroad and away from my family and close friends and working in a job I didn’t like.  slowly but surely figured out some ways to make me instantly happy again.  Quick fixes to forget about the day, feel happy and stay positive. I still use these techniques (although I have a better support circle and I’m generally happy with my life here). Here they are:

  1. Exercise.  Going to the gym always makes me feel happier (from the endorphins!), stronger and healthier.
  2. Cook.  I like to make myself a simple meal with lots of nourishing veggies.  My fave pick-me-up dish is a quick stir fry with rice or noodles topped with an egg and chilli flakes.
  3. Drink.  Tea of course! Making and drinking a herbal or plain black tea helps me to relax instantly.
  4. Read.  A great page turner or a magazine with uplifting pictures and articles always makes me forget my own troubles.
  5. Watch.  A funny movie, TV show or youtube video which makes me laugh out loud and get caught up in someone else’s drama.
  6. Sleep.  Because everything will always be better in the morningAnd if all that fails…
    1. Call.  My mum and dad or boyfriend or close friends. Because they always know what to say to make me feel better.


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