Enjoy the Journey

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Little Moments / Mindfulness

A lot of us just want to get there and be settled already.  I know I did and I still have some days where I become impatient and I just want to be ‘there’ already.  To have that job or boyfriend or marriage or car or apartment or whatever it is your heart desires at the time.


But I have learned that the real fun is in the journey to get there.  The struggles, disappointments, funny moments and triumphs that make the story.  That’s what you will tell people about in the future.  The story of how you got to where you wanted to go.  That’s the fun part.  Have you ever read a book or watched a movie where the character just gets what they want immediately? Or the movie starts with the character having everything they ever dreamed of? Where does it go after that? No, we want to know how they got to where they are.  That’s the relatable part.  That’s the interesting part.


So next time you catch yourself thinking about how you wish you just got that job or boyfriend or car that you really wanted, just remember to enjoy the journey of getting there.


And besides, once you have gotten it, a new journey will begin to the next place you want to go.  So learn to enjoy the journey – it will help you to enjoy life.  That’s what I have learned for myself so far and it works!

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